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Natalia was quite shocked by the power of Lizkinogo disturbance.

From his room looked out Ivan:

– Who here is our mother kissed? What kind of guy?

– Lizka crazy! Chose to express! – Finally cut through the power of speech, Natalia. – I was at the cemetery fence, by the way, painted, and there met my father’s friend Nikita Syromyatnikova,

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Cam 2 cam chat free. Why should I go, find out later. That’s it! A press conference is over!

Natalia was surprised sharpening tone in which it is uttered. Three children also looked at her open-mouthed.

– Clear.

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No comments yet – Ivan muttered and went to his room.

We Lizka clearly scratched language for an answer, however, looking at Natalia, she thought it best to remain silent. Cam 2 cam chat free. Continue reading

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– I liked Uncle Nikita. Such a great and funny.

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And for some reason Lizka sulking.

Natalia laughed.

– Probably, she a bad mood today.

– And it is she always bad – complained to the youngest daughter. – It is good only when Svetka.

– Do not worry, dear, – leaned toward her golden curls Natalia. – Lisa a little older, and will be completely different. Sex talk webcam. Continue reading

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Barbara cracked his fist on the table:

– There should be shot!

– In general, even at this time I will not lose, – said Natalia. – And sorry for the money, and nerves, and Pasha did not want to shame.


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